What We Do


At First Presbyterian, education is not just for the young. There are programs for every age and style. From Bible Study to topical discussion classes, if you’re interested in it we probably have it. Susan Tompkins is our Director of Christian Education and provides leadership in planning, scheduling and teaching. By studying God, we honor God, and through these offerings, He is glorified!

Children’s ProgramsChildren are a vital and active part of our church family. We encourage them to assist in leading worship (even writing the liturgy!) from the time they attend 1st grade Worship Education. We have Wonderful Wednesday programs for children of all ages in the fall and spring. Activities include fitness exercises while learning the Lord’s Prayer, gardening and harvesting their crops, pre-youth 4th and 5th grade tweens gatherings, and Sacraments Class for 3rd graders.

During the summer, we have Vacation Bible School in June. In July, we encourage and support our elementary children to go to our Presbytery’s Camp Buc. Throughout the summer we organize special events such as lock-ins and pool parties for elementary-age children. It is important to us that children not only learn the Bible stories and what it means to care for others but that they grow up knowing in their hearts and minds that each of them are children of God! We offer many opportunities throughout the year to encourage, nurture and mature our children’s faith journeys but we are also mindful of not overloading families – we try to give balance!

Please contact Susan Tompkins to learn more about the opportunities First Presbyterian Church has for your children.

Summer Programs

Camp BUCFirst Presbyterian Church encourages and supports our elementary children, as well as our mid-highs and senior highs, to attend Camp Buc throughout the summer but especially our church week, which is usually the third week of July. Activities include everything that you might expect at camp – hiking, swimming, canoeing and the kids enjoy God’s glory to the fullest! The camp is located in the North Carolina mountains, about a 90 minute drive from Greer.

Vacation Bible School – Every summer, our children are taken on a grand adventure through our Vacation Bible School program. Every part of the church is transformed to provide a week of learning, singing and discovering for our children ages K4 through 5th grade. It has been described as “organized chaos” and always provides a joyful opportunity to share God’s love through each other. For more information on how to get involved with VBS email Susan Tompkins or call 877-3612.