This Sunday, May 26th we will have one worship service at 11:00 am in the Sanctuary

About Us

Our History


Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church formed on September 5th. Four Elders were elected.

The First Presbyterian Church of Greer was organized as Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church on September 5, 1841.

It was located on land given by Hugh Bailey near Bailey’s Crossroads which is southeast of the present Pleasant Grove Baptist Church. Dr. E.T. Buist from Nazareth Presbyterian Church was the first pastor. Some families came from Nazareth to be a part of the Mt. Tabor congregation. Hugh Bailey, John Thomas Smith, Nathaniel Smith, and James Kinnier Dickson were the first Elders elected. Descendants of these early members have been active in this church for many years. John Thomas Smith has had eight generations of descendants who continue to serve faithfully in this church.


The first Deacons of Mt. Tabor Church were installed.


The first Sabbath School was started featuring the Shorter Catechism.


Mt. Tabor church was moved two miles to its present location. The church building was placed on logs and rolled to its new location, being pulled by 40 mules.

It was rolled to the site on logs pulled by 40 mules! In 1910 the name was changed to Greer’s Presbyterian Church, located in Greer’s Station. In 1923, a new building was built and the first pipe organ in town was installed. When the Depression of 1931-32 hit, the bank called for the remainder of the building loan to be paid. A lawsuit was filed against six church members for the loan. The case went all the way to the S.C. State Supreme Court and the bank won. The church members rallied behind a second loan, and all worked to pay it off in one year!


Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church choir was formed.


First “Child of the Church” to complete seminary graduated from Columbia Seminary.


The church’s name was changed to Greers Presbyterian Church (it is unclear when it then changed to First Presbyterian Church of Greer, but it may have been when the city dropped the “S” sometime in the first half of the 20th century).


1st worship service held in the new sanctuary and new building, which had begun construction the year prior. This sanctuary held the first pipe organ in the city of Greer.


Greer Presbyterian Church becomes the first church in the state of South Carolina to file for articles of incorporation.  The church was incorporated as a way to financially protect its members.

In 1937, First Presbyterian Church of Greer filed Articles of Incorporation with the state.

This church made state history being the first church to be incorporated to protect individual members. Greer First Presbyterian has always been a church that emphasized missions and education. This is still true today. The well-educated ministers who preach God’s word, the strong Christian Education program, and the many mission opportunities all bear witness to the love of Jesus Christ here.

This church has deep roots, but it continually welcomes new members who bring rich and exciting energy. It takes both the old and the new to be the church that God calls us to be. We are thankful to God for the people of faith throughout our history who have kept this church-going and growing and we are thankful for those of faith that will come in the future.

If interested, A People and Their Faith, by Johanna DuBose Blackwell, chronicles the history of our church and is available in the church office.


A Sunday worship bulletin was first used.  These bulletins were individually typed on a typewriter each week by Rev. F.T. McGill


The church Centennial was celebrated.


Mrs. Eugenia Huges formed the Sunday School Library which has grown into the library still maintained and used today.


The first Joy Gift worship service was held.

1949 & 1969

New building additions were added.


First church basketball team was formed by Leland Burch. The team was for middle school aged boys. The first girls basketball team for the church was formed in 1971. We have supported both boys and girls teams each year for the last 51 years.


Helen Holladay became the 1st woman to hold office in the church when she became a Deacon. She was later the first female Elder. She was elected to that position in 1981.


Family Life Center was constructed and the first home basketball games were held the following year.The number of teams increased from four to eighteen within a few years.


Celebration of the church’s sesquicentennial which included a large outdoor worship service celebration with all living former ministers involved and the publication of A People and Their Faith.


New Fellowship Hall and kitchen with a gathering space is dedicated.


A contemporary service was added that starts at 8:55 am.  This service follows the same order of service as the later service, but contains many different types of music.


Columbarium completed & Kirk Hall (the old Greer Davenport Library) is purchased for church use.


Pass it On Campaign – The construction added an all weather handicapped entrance, an elevator, and new space for youth Sunday school as well as remodeling several classrooms.


Celebration of 175 years and the publication of Rooted and Reaching as an update to A People and Their Faith.


Downtown City of Greer revitalization project completed with new landscaping in front of and beside the church. Parking issues on School Street are compounded with the beautification project removing some parking places. Our corner parking lot is now maintained by the city.