Pass it On: Construction 2016


We love this church.  Although a church is not merely its building, this building—right in the middle of our town, built of sturdy red brick with massive steps leading to imposing columns, its Palladian stained-glass windows capturing both morning and afternoon streams of light—is special.  It feels like home, God’s home.

But we recognized that this home is in dire need of repair, updating, and refurbishing.  Even worse, many congregants struggle just to come into our home to worship or to study as access is impossible or at best difficult.  Anyone who has manned the lift and watched helplessly as church members struggle with a chair or walker in the rain knows that although ours is a warm and welcoming congregation, the building is not.

For many years our long-range plan included an expansion of the sanctuary and totally rebuilding the Education Building.  Based on changing conditions, especially the success of the early service and the purchase of Kirk Hall, the Session determined that the huge project was not needed or financially justifiable.  Therefore, in the spring of 2015 we updated our strategic the plan which can be found by clicking here.

We also conducted a Capital Campaign called “Pass It On” to fund a renovation and refurbishment project to make our beloved traditional 1921 building safe, attractive and accessible for all.  The success of this campaign allowed us to ensure that just as those who have gone before us since 1841, future generations of Presbyterians will be able to safely worship, study and serve in Greer.

While our patience and flexibly will be key to the success of this project we look forward to these important future dates.


Summer, 2016- Phase I substantially complete

Fall, 2016-          Phase II substantially complete