Staff Transitions

February 4, 2019


For the last several years our church’s staff has been in a period of transition. There are three more transitions on the horizon that the Personnel Committee and the Session have been contemplating, planning for and praying about. During this time of change our committee has spent significant time to review not only our current and future staffing needs from a personnel standpoint, but we have also reviewed the needs of our church in terms of the roles our staff should play to meet the needs of our congregation and to better serve God’s kingdom. Yesterday, the Session voted on several items concerning our church’s staff. This note discusses those actions.

After many years of faithful and devoted service to God Steve Vance will be retiring in August of this year. In response to this, the Session has approved a motion to take necessary steps to form an Associate Pastor Nominating Committee (APNC).

Whitney Moss will be on sabbatical this summer to participate in an internship as part of her seminary training.  In December 2019, Whitney will complete her seminary training.  She is beginning to discern where the Holy Spirit is calling her to continue her ministry as an ordained minister. While she discerns that call, Whitney has agreed, with Session approval, to serve as Interim Director of Pastoral Care, Mission, and Adult Education beginning on August 25 while the APNC does its work.

As part of these transitions, the Personnel Committee looked at staff roles in connection with the faith formation of our children and youth. The Session approved the creation of a new position, Director of Faith Formation (DFF).  This position will be primarily involved with our children and youth. In connection with this new role, the Session has approved a DFF search committee.  Committee members are:  Heather Gordon (chair), Mike Senn, Ella Casto-Waters, Jessica Bruce, Sallie Smith and Dennis Cooley. Our hope is that we will fill this position by August 1. Until May 1, Whitney will continue in her role as Youth Minister supported by Joseph Jumper, our PC intern for the spring.  And this summer, Intern Victoria Melin will oversee youth activities.

Finally, the Session has approved another new position — Director of Operations (DOO). This position will be involved with a variety of operational areas that cut across many parts of the church. The Session approved Maggie Wentzky to assume this role on August 1.  Until that time, Maggie will continue in her role as Interim Director of Children’s Ministries.

These are significant changes, and more are on the way. We believe, however, that this plan will help our church’s staff continue to serve God’s kingdom in meaningful ways. Please contact me or any member of the Personnel Committee if you have any questions.

Best regards.

Nick Nicholson, Personnel Chair

Dennis Cooley, David Davies, Heather Gordon, Val Hendrickson, Personnel Committee