There are two types of officers represented in the Presbyterian Church: Ruling Elders and Deacons. Each group has distinct duties and works in tandem with the other to ensure that the church’s ministry is as effective as possible.


The Ruling Elders are the officers of the church who make up the body known as the Session. Their role is to bring glory to God by managing the business, vision and administrative tasks of the church. Each Elder works with a particular committee that manages a certain part of the church’s mission, ministry and work. Elders serve a three year term.

Class of 2019

Dennis Cooley

Greg James

Mary Ludlow

Tom Magaha

Blake Williams

Class of 2020

Nichole Bryant

Val Hendrickson

Thad McCord

Nick Nicholson

Rudy Painter

Brian Wright

Class of 2021

Ella Casto-Waters

Bob Greene

Nancy Jones

Bob Kelly

Ken Schafer

Mike Senn

Jeff Smith


The Deacons of the church make up the body known as the Diaconate. The main role of this group is to care for the congregation.

Philippians 2 says, “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also the interests of others.”

It is with this spirit that the diaconate models its activities following Christ’s example. Deacons also serve a three year term.

Class of 2019

Chris Castello

Steve Dillard

Lynne Kelly

Ann Drayton Lister

Jason Mangum

Ansley Wright

 Class of 2020

Louis Adams

Jim Caldwell

Amy Couch

George Ferris

Adriana Hoskins

Stephanie James

Linda Nicholson

 Class of 2021

Wendi Arms

Jessica Bruce

Sarah Cannon

Jamie Garrett

Doreen Magaha

Bob Schmidt

David Taylor